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We have a range of support workers that are to meet your specific needs. We understand that being part of your community and living a life the best way we can is important. We look at the support you require and match a person to assist you to the events in your life that you wish to enjoy.


Companionship – sometimes we just want someone to come and sit with us to break the day up. We can arrange a suitable person to come and do that. We can supply this for a minimum of an hour at a time to suit you.


Do you have a personal budget? Would you like assistance to attend the next football, cricket or rugby match? Would you like to just spend the time meeting YOUR friends but it is safer for you to have someone in the background supporting you to get there and back?


Do you need some support to go buy your own clothes, attend the cinema, and go to the local church group?

Wanting to attend college or your local university or one away (see our live in support services).

Working? Do you need help you to get to and from work and support whilst there?


We have highly trained staff with the skills to assist you regardless of your, ability or disability in whatever it is you wish to do. What’s more: If we haven’t got someone, we will do what we can to find & match what you want.


Our Mission

To respect each other as an individuals.


Ensuring the support we provide is person centred and outcome focused.


We pride in ensuring support is provided with dignity in a safe and timely manner.

Our Values








Support is delivered the way you wish it be.

United to ensure Support Solutions delivers the best.

Personalised services.

Protecting all who we care & support.

Outcome focused to  have meaningful lives.

Respectful of each other and those we support.

Trust - from those who lead us and gaining trust for those we support.

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