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Support in your own home:


As a provider I believe that any visit should be one that enables the support you purchase to be delivered in a timely manner. I also appreciate that time costs money and therefore we need to balance your requirements with that cost.

The support staff do not deliver any support under 30 minutes when they attend your home. As an owner who has worked across the care sector for many years, I believe support cannot be delivered in anything under 30 minutes.


We support you by asking what it is you require and then follow your guidance. We ensure that the qualified staff have the details so you do not have to repeat your requirements.

We will endeavour to find caring, supportive, happy staff that have a range of  skills & interests so that they can engage in conversations with you about the interest you may have, making the visits more personal but professional to make each visit one a pleasant one.

We know asking for the support is not always easy and often recommended by those who have our best interests at heart, we will come to your home and assess your needs so that we can support you to remain there but respect your dignity and possessions at all times.

Aiding you to maintain as much independence as possible within your community is our priority and commitment to you.


We will support in many aspects of daily life and we can but list a few:


• Assist with shopping - this includes ordering on line, going for you, escorting you.

• Assisting with domestic chores.

• Assist with medical appointments including escorting you to them.

• Ensuring you have someone to enable you to keep up with meeting your friends & family.

• Ensuring medication is taken as directed  - this service can be delivered by telephone, ask us how.

• Supporting you with leisure activities.

• Support with your personal care.

Our Mission

To respect each other as an individuals.


Ensuring the support we provide is person centred and outcome focused.


We pride in ensuring support is provided with dignity in a safe and timely manner.

Our Values








Support is delivered the way you wish it be.

United to ensure Support Solutions delivers the best.

Personalised services.

Protecting all who we care & support.

Outcome focused to  have meaningful lives.

Respectful of each other and those we support.

Trust - from those who lead us and gaining trust for those we support.

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